Innovation and Leadership in IT

“Innovation” is the hottest term in IT since “SOA” and “web-based.” 🙂 Problem is, some companies are embarking on it without a responsible approach. This article in the WSJ CIO Journal section sets the record straight on the right way to innovate. Good Reading!

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Start Talking and Stop Texting!

Start Talking and Stop Texting!

Wall Street Journal hits a homerun with this article. This is a chronic issue, especially among young workers. In today’s virtual workplace, conversation becomes even more important than the past. Pick up the phone and talk! Great advice!

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CMO outspending CIO….on IT!

Thank you Laura McLellan of Gartner on this insightful article that all professionals, especially if IT is part of their responsibilities, should know.

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The Falling Rupee

A falling rupee creates better prices for services.

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Getting Multiple Managed Services Vendors to Play Nice
This article from CIO magazine absolutely nails it related to what I call “Accountability Trapdoor Syndrome” within a multi-sourcing environment. Clients need to make sure contracts and terms and conditions allow for good collaboration for the business goals. Otherwise, no one will be able to be held accountable.

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